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I’ve Been Stressing Again

Thanksgiving. Christmas. Family, lack of it. Oy! Haven’t seen some of my family since last Christmas and that’s a really long time. I’m nervous about the upcoming holidays. Anxious actually. The thing about anxiety is that I don’t believe it ever actually goes away. It’s always there lurking like a silent shadow creeping along beside […]

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Apple Blossoms And Thunderstorms

The buds are smiling, inhale the scent of new life of apple blossoms This is the season of new life and new beginnings all around us. The dreary browns and greys are turning vibrant and full of cheery disposition. The crocuses and tulips breaking through the ground to be the first to say hello, good […]

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The Stillness

The streets are covered in fresh fallen snow The birds are quiet in the cold. The odd squirrel climbs past my window and peeks his head in to say hello. There goes another enormous tom cat, the branches bending under his weight. If I stand in the window with my eyes closed I can be […]

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The Way I See It

Just Another Crazy Rambling Moment From Some Saskatchewan Weirdo Channel Surfing Through My Thoughts It’s time to clean up the space. Sweep the crumbs of bull off the filthy floor. Mop up the tears and polish the silver. Open the drapes and let the sun come in! Don’t mind the evil gnomes out there peering […]