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A Reason To Smile

Sometimes all we need is for someone to let us know they care. Tell us that they are there for us no matter what. Someone who understands that life and family can get messy but in the end we all love each other and we need each other. We all need a little pick me […]

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Whipped Shortbread Cookies(Recipe)

For me, Shortbread cookies remind me of Christmas at Grandma’s. Every year, Grandma would be sure to have a good supply of whipped shortbread cookies for all of us. Each bite would melt in your mouth. My kids love these cookies as well! I make them a couple of times a year and the kiddos […]


Road Tripping

My daughter and I are heading to Blackfalds this Thursday. Today we both woke up with a cold. She is worse off than I am right now but I think by tomorrow morning I could be feeling pretty lousy. I hope I can shake it as fast as it hit. I refuse to cancel this […]

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A Bit Of My Story

Growing up, I often felt that I didn’t belong. I wasn’t the same as anyone else. I mean, that’s a good thing normally. I embrace that now but when I was younger it wasn’t that easy. I felt like people were only tolerating me because they knew I wasn’t going anywhere. That was at home. […]


Saskatchewan Prairies And Sunsets