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A simple Homemade Syrup (Recipe)

My kids love this syrup. I didn’t think my oldest was even going to try it but he surprised me by sneaking a bite of pancake with this yummy syrup drizzled over it. He also surprised himself when he realized he liked it! My oldest doesn’t like regular table syrup on his pancakes, he tends […]

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Coffee Break Poetry

Crystals glistening along the path, Shimmering with excitement for a fresh day. The sun, smiling over me, Warming my face as I gaze upon the horizon With complete astonishment. It’s beautiful. And it’s ours, a disembodied voice whispers in my ear. The sundogs dancing playfully. I’ve never seen color so pure, so vibrant, so alive. […]

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When Life Gives You Lemons (Recipe)

I have many fond memories of my Grandmother’s Lemon Poppy seed muffins and Poppy Seed Buns. She used to make quite a few things with poppy seeds. Many years ago she sent me her recipe for the poppy seed buns but, regrettably, I still have not made them. With each new season came new towels […]

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Hungarian Goulash (recipe)

When life gets busy, pull out the slow cooker. This time it was more a case of lazy rather than busy though 🙂 My husband tells me that when his Grandma would make this, she would shred the beef so it was easier for her to eat. I feel if it was shredded, it would […]


It’s been a hot minute

I can’t even remember when I posted last. I’ve attempted to a few times but I just couldn’t seem to get the inspiration. Christmas. Christmas was good this year. We had it early with my sister and her family. A little later with the in-laws. Good times and laughter to be had on all accounts. […]