Author: Angie

Tonight We Will Celebrate

Life Update The fog was thick this morning, the leaves are falling fast and hard today, the wind is crisp and fresh. It's most definitely the end of another season, whatever season that happened to be! It sure didn't feel like much of a summer this year. None-the-less, the short but loved season in which … Continue reading Tonight We Will Celebrate


Dinosaurs In Her Pool?

We do family reading in our house every day. Our read alouds are usually done in the evening either sitting around the table snacking, curled up on the couch or with all of us in my daughters bed after everyone is ready for bed. This is something I implemented almost 3 three years ago that … Continue reading Dinosaurs In Her Pool?

Just An Unforgotten Poem

Those days were filled with happy thoughtsThose nights were filled with warmth.The loneliness didn't exist thenlike how it does now.The darkness wasn't so deep and thickThe thoughts weren't so loud and mean.Your voice was soothing, warm, welcome.It was needed and craved.What is missed the most from that time of love?The companionship, the acceptance.The talks, the … Continue reading Just An Unforgotten Poem