Blogger Recognition Award

The Blogger Recognition Award is an online award given by bloggers to other bloggers as a way of recognizing the efforts they put into their site. I was nominated by Allan who has a fantastic and fun-filled blog about his adventures and life in Canada. He shares some fascinating photos and includes loads of humor and personality in his posts. Be sure to check it out!

Rules for the Blogger Recognition Award:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and add a link to their blog
  • Write a blog post on your site displaying the award
  • Describe why you started your blog
  • Write two pieces of advice for the new bloggers
  • Nominate and notify 11-15 other bloggers

Why I Started This Blog:

I was at a really low point with my mental health and I was struggling with life, motherhood, work, and everything that so many of us have on our plates. I felt like I could barely keep my head above the water. It was recommended to me that I start journalling my thoughts and feelings to make sense of them. I tried and it just didn’t work, I must’ve been doing it wrong… So I thought maybe it could help me re-discover the voice within myself. To hear my thoughts again. I named it Mama Coffee Chat because I wanted it to just be a bunch of stuff that I, as a mom, would talk about to a friend over coffee. But after awhile I realized that it was really about me figuring out who I am. Learning to accept myself and love myself despite my flaws and maybe even learn to embrace those flaws.

Two Pieces Of Advice For New Bloggers:

  1. I suggest finding a few blogs that you can relate to, ones you find interesting, and maybe a couple that inspire you to try new things. Follow them, binge read them if you want, just get yourself introduced to how things work first. This will also inspire writing topics for you to try and test the waters with. It will give you practice with the writing process and get you comfortable with your writing style.
  2. Don’t be too hard on yourself. If you’re disappointed with numbers then you need to re-evaluate why you’re doing this. If you’re not enjoying your experience here then you need to look at you WHY and determine what’s next. Be yourself! There are so many supportive fellow bloggers here that accept you and you matter 🙂 Don’t be afraid to ask questions, we all need to start somewhere and that’s how we learn. Relax and enjoy the atmosphere!

I Nominate The Following Blogs For The Blogger Recognition Award:

I have chosen the following for various reasons. Some I’ve been following for quite some time and others are new but I hope you take a couple of minutes to see what they’re all about!


I understand that some of you may not participate in awards, so please don’t feel pressured or obligated in any way to conform. I love that you are all a part of my community and I truly appreciate every one of you!


13 replies on “Blogger Recognition Award”

Hi Angie,

First of all, congratulations! 🙂

And oh my God…I think I owe you an apology – I have just noticed that you nominated me for this award a few months ago (February was a pretty hectic month for me..complicated relationship, constant coronavirus fears and so on…anyways, long story.)

Thank you so much for thinking of me, it’s really encouraging and it means a lot to me ❤
Now, I do like participating in awards but I guess it'd be way too late to publish my post now so I will answer your questions here in the comment section 🙂

Why did I start blogging? I was in a complicated situation – my OCD'd been getting better but at the same time I just felt that my life wasn't going anywhere so I just thought that it'd be a good idea to share my journey with other people as it may help them with their mental issues and at the same time, it also helps me a lot to write about my feelings.

As for pieces of advice, I am pretty new to blogging myself but I think two thins that are important are writing about things one likes and being open & honest.

And I love your pieces of advice, it's very important indeed not to be hard on yourself. I stopped blogging for a few weeks because I just felt that my posts were not good enough but at the end I realized that..I just need to carry on as I enjoy what I am doing and nobody is perfect 🙂

Thank you once more and hope you've been doing fine lately.




Lol, No need to apologize Mark! Thank you for replying and honestly, I had completely forgotten about this 😀 It’s possible that I may have forgot to notify you as well (?) since it truly has been a different kind of year! I hope your days are less hectic and complicated these days! I greatly appreciate you taking time to answer the questions 🙂
I have been doing well. My cleaning OCD got pretty bad with the pandemic and exhausted me with all the extra cleaning on top of the already extra cleaning 😀 I think I got a bit of a handle on it for now though. I really just have to laugh at myself because if I don’t I would drive my batty.
Thanks again!

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