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Quote Of The Week #5

Forgiveness is man’s deepest need and highest achievement.

–Horace Bushnell

Forgiveness. I just want to say that forgiveness isn’t always an easy thing to achieve but once you figure out how to reach this accomplishment it is a very useful tool. Self-forgiveness is another thing all together lol.

I have finally been able to forgive myself for my past, all of it. For all the things I didn’t do to save myself and for all the things I did out of a need for survival. Of course I’m still making mistakes and I hope I always do. I’ve learned that mistakes and failure are my friends, emotions are normal, feelings are a blessing and I am valuable. Even through my lows with depression I can still see that I am enough. The negative words and feelings are still there, they still try their best to knock me on my ass, and they might win…but only momentarily. I know I’m strong enough to fight back with positivity and self love.

This is what forgiveness can give you.

My 2020 is starting off strong and already I have built up so much confidence, more than I have ever felt in probably my entire life. My wish for all of you is that you can see your own self worth and find a way to forgive all that you need to of yourself and others. It’s a beautiful thing 🙂


2 replies on “Forgiveness”

Mistakes are the way we learn. As I always say, “After 66 years, I have learned a lot.” As to forgiveness, this is a great tool and usually effective, but, in our case, we would have to keep the forgiveness to ourselves, as the other person thinks he has done nothing wrong. Still trying to figure out how to do that effectively as well as deciding if we want that door cracked open again. A puzzle to be sure.

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Ah, yes, I should have mentioned that as well. It is usually best to keep that part a secret (depending on the person and situation) lol. Very good point Allan, thank you! The inner peace that comes from the forgiveness. That’s the gem here 😉


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