I Miss The Library

The kids and I usually take out 15-20 books a week from our small local library. Since it still hasn’t re-opened we are going nuts without having new books to read! The school has a couple of sites set up for all the students to read online but it’s not the same as holding and smelling a real book. It may re-open in August. Fingers crossed!

I also found out that our librarian has retired and oh man! Are we going to miss her!! She is the most amazing person! Norma has lived in the area all her life and is a well known and much loved member of the community. She loves children and is always ready for an impromptu game of anything! She somehow managed to always put together a summer reading program for the community every year and plans out the games and crafts for about 40 kids each day. She’s just such a wonderful person. She also has cerebral palsy and another job she goes to everyday after the library closed each day. I don’t know how she managed to find the time!

So our days have been filled with tons of outdoor play and even some time with a couple of friends. I have allowed some extra screen time for the time being since that’s how we have to read our books now. It’s so hard on the eyes and my eyes hurt so bad by the time bed time rolls around. Which would be now but I’ve been attempting to catch up with my reading on here for so long now. I wish I could just grab my laptop and head to the lake, let the kids play in the water while I work on my blog sitting on the warm sand. But the sun glaring off the screen would drive me nuts and I get called to the water too often to actually sit on the sand. LOL the dream is there.

But…I managed to do some catch up this evening and there’s a storm rolling through. Power was out for 3 hours already today and so I think I’ll wrap this up just in case.

I hope everyone is well!



A Busy Summer

Always. It’s always a busy summer. I love spending time with my kids and watching them grow, both physically and intellectually. They make me a better person each day. They also make me stressed, tired, prematurely grey, worry constantly, and grateful for every moment!!

My daughter is hoping to get her cast off right away and I’ll be taking her down to the lake so she can go swimming! She had to watch her brothers without joining in the last couple of times and I’m sure it broke her heart but she handled it well and I think she even had fun despite not going under water. She went to the casting clinic yesterday morning but we were told she needs it until at least the 19th. Her wrist is almost ready but they want to be sure before taking it off.

The Summer Reading Program at the library started last week and the kids were so excited to be attending again this year. Over the past year we have got to know our librarian quite well and the kids (all kids really) just absolutely love her. This means even all the moms also absolutely love her. She’s so great with kids of all ages! I feel so blessed to have met her and to be a part of this tiny library. I also feel blessed that my kids have had the opportunity to enjoy learning in this library 🙂 Brody also loves to help clean up after with cleaning off the craft tables and hanging the stars up that the kids use to keep track of books read. Our goal this summer is 700 books from the last day of school until the last day of the program. Today was the second week and we have already hit 277!!

The kids are going to be working hard on raising money to help pay for their dance classes. Karina will be taking ballet again and Brody decided to try tap this year. Last year was great, there was no added expenses for shoes since they only needed runners. So unless we can raise some serious funds, no competitions this year 😦 We’ll all still have a wonderful time with the year end recital and all the great music until then!

I hope everyone is having a great week so far!