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Stop Making Excuses And Just Go For It!

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“Success consists of getting up just one more time than you fall.”

–Oliver Goldsmith

Be stronger than your strongest excuse


I have two sayings that have been on my mind lately. Starting at the beginning of January I started heading to the gym twice a week. I do 40-45 minutes cardio with 15-20 minute strength or core training afterwards. This was extremely hard for me to commit to because of my anxiety of people and being in new places and around people I don’t know and trying new things and sweating LOL

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I messaged the number and received a kind and caring response from a woman named Ivy. I was so nervous to go but I showed up and I had so much fun with her and the others. I went back again and again and I’m still going. It’s only been a month but this is something that I want to continue and even though it’s something I love I still find that I’m making excuses and trying to convince myself that I’m too busy to go or that I have other things that need my attention.

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She makes everyone feel so welcome and is so encouraging! If I’m going to achieve the success I’m looking for, this is the place! So why am I still trying to sabotage myself? Maybe I’m still fighting that old belief that I’m not good enough?

The last thing I keep saying to myself is probably the one mantra that has made the most difference and has got me out that door.

Stop making excuses and just go for it!


Is there anything that you really enjoy doing but have a hard time convincing yourself to do it?

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