Let Your Light Shine

I recently saw this video on a friend’s blog and I wanted to share it with you.

You say
You want to get over
What are you gonna do?
Watch the world go by
In a corner of the room?

I know
None of my business
But there’s something I need to say
If you could see you
The way I see you
You’d start flying on your own

Step aside and . .

Let your light shine
Let your love show
It’s a short ride
Down the long road
When the rains come
And the winds blow
Let your light shine
Wherever you go

This world is ready and waiting
For you to break on through
It’s time to recognize
To realize
You’re the only one like you
Step on up
Step into your greatness
Don’t be afraid
There’s a place that you will rise up to;
No one else could do what you do

Get out of the way

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(Re-blog)The Inspiring Angel — Prerna’s blog

This is such an inspiring idea and I needed to share! It’s so important to share love and positivity and spread light to everyone. Please take a few moments to read up on this movement and join in! I also want to say that I know how hard it is asking for help but it’s so important to reach out if you’re in need. You are brave. You are loved. You matter. -Ang

Hey guys, we have started an initiative to spread smiles amidst the pandemic. Help us spread the word so that we can reach out to more people! Visit our site to learn more about us: The Inspiring Angel Have a lovely day. Take care 🌸

The Inspiring Angel — Prerna’s blog
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My Inspirational Person

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I have many people who have inspired me over the course of my lifetime. Some for reasons that may have changed over time and some even though I barely knew them. Some for reasons as simple as the fact that I admired how they always laughed so easily, or how some always made time for others in the middle of their busy schedules.

These people to me are unforgettable. My Great-Aunt on my step-dad’s side, My Aunt and Uncle on my step-dad’s side, my grandpa on my step-dad’s side, all of which I’ve never known too well. I’m still in contact with my aunt and uncle (they met my kids for the first time when we went to Red Deer in March). My Great Aunt was a godsend for my mother and me in the middle of some hard times. My grandfather I knew well for my young age, he passed when I was 13. He welcomed us into the family and treated us like his own blood. I was always honored with the task of “helping” him read from the Bible during our family get-togethers and holidays. He taught me some basics chords on his guitar, the same with the piano. In fact, I have his piano about 8 feet from me right now 😀 My maternal grandparents and my mom of course were huge inspirations.

I found this one hard to think through because of all the feelings it brought up.