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(Re-blog)The Inspiring Angel — Prerna’s blog

This is such an inspiring idea and I needed to share! It’s so important to share love and positivity and spread light to everyone. Please take a few moments to read up on this movement and join in! I also want to say that I know how hard it is asking for help but it’s so important to reach out if you’re in need. You are brave. You are loved. You matter. -Ang

Hey guys, we have started an initiative to spread smiles amidst the pandemic. Help us spread the word so that we can reach out to more people! Visit our site to learn more about us: The Inspiring Angel Have a lovely day. Take care 🌸

The Inspiring Angel — Prerna’s blog

By Angie

Hi! First off, thanks for popping in! I started this blog for a number of reasons and if you look through the posts you will see all sorts of randomness. I'm a mom of 3 living in a small village in Saskatchewan. We are a household that is on the go a lot with the nearest city an hour away. We love reading, going for walks, playing at as many parks as we can find and just hanging out.
I struggle with anxiety, depression, & ptsd but strive to find the positive in the every day ordinary moments and thank the good Lord for all the blessings I have :)
My Mental Health journey has recently reminded me of my love for all kinds of art, writing poetry being the first to reintroduce myself to. It's hard to open up and let those feelings flow after being buried so deep for so long.
I have a little bit of everything here so I won't take it personally if you don't like or connect to everything I write, but I do really appreciate you being here and sharing in this journey of me re-discovering my true self through words and thoughts that don't always make sense to anyone but myself :D

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