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Cooking With Karina (Recipe)

It’s just after noon and I’ve managed to get (most of) my chores done, went out in -40 to my therapist appointment, checked in on work, and I’m just sitting down with my second cup of relatively warm coffee. It doesn’t matter what else happens today, I already consider it a success 😀 I had […]

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(Re-blog)Blueberry Smoothie — In Dianes Kitchen

The Grandkids are here for the weekend. I asked my Granddaughter what we should make for my blog today. Well she loves my home grown blueberries. She eats them frozen all year long from our freezer. She said “How about blueberry cake?” That was a winner for me however, when she said blueberry it reminded […] […]

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Double Fudge Brownies (recipe)

This is one that is definitely not figure friendly nor if you are diabetic like my husband. There’s just no way to make these brownies healthy and that’s just one of the things that make them so tempting and delicious. This recipe makes a 9×13 pan so it’s a great size to take for a […]

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The Month Was Full Of Baking (Recipe)

December is always a busy month and I always have a ton of baking to do but this year was almost too busy (which I’m extraordinarily grateful for) with all the baking requests I had coming in. I promised myself last year that I would not do anymore tray requests because it’s a lot of […]


Rich Scones

This is just a real quick and simple entry for scones that was passed on to me from a friend from England. She and her sister now live in Saskatchewan and they still get together to enjoy these 🙂 In case you are not sure what a scone is, they are basically what we call […]