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Cooking With Karina (Recipe)

It’s just after noon and I’ve managed to get (most of) my chores done, went out in -40 to my therapist appointment, checked in on work, and I’m just sitting down with my second cup of relatively warm coffee. It doesn’t matter what else happens today, I already consider it a success 😀 I had to turn my phone off and stick it in a drawer to make this happen though. Remember the days we could just leave the phone off the hook if we had things to get done? Does anyone even have landlines anymore??

I can’t believe we’re already more than half way through January of 2022! My first 2 weeks of this year I’ve worked 50 hours a week. If this is any indication of how fast the year is going to fly by in my household then I better get intentional about how I’m going to be spending my few free minutes each day! I’m sure everyone with young kiddos has the same experience. My Mom always used to say the time would fly by once I started having kids…another check mark for her. She would be pretty proud that she’s winning too because she was always competitive haha! All those years that I thought I was right and she was quietly waiting for each one of my face palms 😀

One of my goals this year is to spend more one on one time with each of my kids which is always something I plan to do but time is always against me as a busy mom working full time. Brody is about to be 12 and he really enjoys his time with me playing video games. I don’t mind at all! Ryan is 6 and he loves to play cars or Lego or just spend his time with cuddled up with a book.

Karina is embracing her love of homemaking and has really started to be a mini me in the house. She keeps the boys on schedule, though not always a schedule they are aware of or approve of. She has also recently started cooking and baking some more so her Grandma got her a kids cookbook for Christmas. She is about to turn 10 and I have a feeling that these next years are going to be both entertaining and challenging!

The first recipe we tackled was Swamp Monster Quiches. These were a super quick and easy breakfast that everyone enjoyed and she already has requests for more, which makes her very happy 🙂

We opted to use store bought tart shells and instead of Swiss cheese we used pizza mozzarella. Use what you got!

Ingredients are a little difficult to read in our picture so here they are:

  • 2 sheets of pie crust
  • 1 cup Swiss cheese. grated
  • 1 cup spinach, chopped
  • 1 Tablespoon red bell pepper, diced
  • 4 eggs
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt

Growing up I did more cooking and nearly no baking at all. I didn’t really know HOW to cook though. I had no idea about the cooking basics and found the whole ordeal so intimidating and exhausting and my anxiety always got the best of me. After I started having kids is when I really had to start learning to cook and I still don’t love it. I hope Karina will be able to enjoy it more than I ever have.

I find it difficult to step aside and just let her do her thing, though I know how important this is. I also need to make sure I set aside ample time for an cooking we do so I don’t feel hurried or I allow my anxiety to take over. This is something I really hope to pass on to her (or any of the kids)!

I hope everyone is having a great 2022 so far!


2 replies on “Cooking With Karina (Recipe)”

Hi Angie. Yup, despite the current pandemic same old same old, the pages of 2022 are just flipping by. Not thrilled with the cold weather or the freezing rain, but at least I do not have to commute. Glad Katrina has taken an interest in cooking and baking. I learned a lot from my Mom some 60 years ago and though it did not look like it at first, her lessons obviously stuck, given my Levain baking and the fact I made 17 pounds of home made big batch lasagna yesterday. Stay well. Allan

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The weather really has been something lately! I was driving home in the freezing rain last night and it just froze to the windshield. Wipers weren’t doing anything either. I realized how glad I was that I no longer had an hour commute to or from work anymore!
Lasagna is such a great meal for big batch cooking. I can’t say I’ve ever done 17 pounds though! Wow!
Thanks for the comment Allan. Stay safe and have a great weekend 🙂

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