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Wifi Acting Like A Bad Room Mate?

My internet has been very unreliable as of late. It reminds me of an ad I’ve been seeing recently with a man being “wifi” and walking around slapping remotes out of hands, closing laptops, etc. I can manage to get about 20 minutes of internet and then everything just freezes up for about 30-40 minutes. […]

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The Bridge

Each month, WordPress will be bringing us a word that will serve as a prompt. It can be a writing prompt, or whatever you like. You can draw, write a poem, show off some photography, or do an interpretive dance if that’s what makes you smile 🙂 The word prompt for March is BRIDGE. I’m […]

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Those Good Old Abandonment Issues Creep In Again

I was also looking forward to nicer weather because the kids have been wanting to see my bio dad again and the only way that can happen is if we all meet at a park so the kids can see him in a safe environment. I received a call from him the other day and […]