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Ties And Tiaras

June is a busy month for many families with the school year wrapping up. This means field trips, graduations, year end wrap-ups, dances, etc

The school had a great night planned out for a Daddy-Daughter night that had my girl, Karina, more excited than I can remember her ever being. She was really looking forward to showing off her Daddy to her school friends 🙂

This girl just amazes me every time I turn around. She seems to grow by leaps and bounds every chance I get to really look at her and it makes me feel like I’ve missed so much of her journey in the last couple of crazy years. I am beyond proud of her though.

The older I get, the faster time goes.


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A beautiful experience for both Dad and daughter. Thanks for sharing Angie. They do grow up fast, but the memories last. Ours are now 32 and 35 and family time is still precious. Happy Tuesday. Allan


Yes, family time is always important whether the kids are little or grown. And I’m really not sure who enjoyed it more…Dad or Daughter 😂 Thanks for commenting Allan 😊

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