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Ties And Tiaras

June is a busy month for many families with the school year wrapping up. This means field trips, graduations, year end wrap-ups, dances, etc The school had a great night planned out for a Daddy-Daughter night that had my girl, Karina, more excited than I can remember her ever being. She was really looking forward […]

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Beautiful Weather For A Walk

We’ve been enjoying some nice walks lately around our tiny village. Today I noticed that they are developing a new area on the south side. Looks like they’re going to be adding more housing. This saddens me because for one I don’t really care for change and secondly, it means more people in our village […]


It’s okay To Get A Little Dirt Under The Nails And A Big Thank You Here Too

It’s been so warm lately so I’ve been trying to spend more time outside in the shade with the kids. Too hot to go to the park, no fuel to get to the lake and air conditioning in the car, so I believe the best place for us is at home in our own backyard. […]