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Unlike the 215 bodies found in Kamloops, the findings today were not a mass grave. I’m definitely NOT saying this makes it any better! I just need to point out that there have been misunderstandings in regards to this fact.

Ground penetrating radar work began at the start of this month and will be used in the future to aid the Cowessess First Nation in locating more unmarked gravesites, Chief Cadmus Delorme said. (Submitted by Cowessess First Nation

This story broke my heart this morning. Click here to read about it on CBC. I’ve spent my morning looking into Crimes Against Humanity, Saskatchewan Residential Schools and reading stories of survivors. I literally just can’t even fathom the thought process behind this sort of thing. It has left me mentally exhausted and emotionally drained today. And this is why I linked an article instead of writing about it myself.

My son’s grade 5 class was involved in a ceremony in Turtleford to unveil an art project with the Turtleford School and Thunderchild School dedicated to Truth and Reconciliation. Brent Keen is the grade 5 teacher that has made this year memorable for Brody. He is an amazing person and we couldn’t have asked for a better teacher or a better experience this year.

Story begins at the time mark 3:33


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This is indeed sad. When Governments and religions feel it is their duty to raise a group of children to be more Christian or more white or more anything, the alarm bells should go off for everyone. How is this different than other nation that is still using assimilation tactics to control their populations? The churches need to come forward immediately with all records for these graves (including the ones they removed the markers from to hide their guilt), they need to apologize to those they hurt and to the population at large and face the consequences and liabilities of their actions. This is what happened in Ireland with the industrial schools, run by the Catholic church, the government and the Christian Brothers (Pat’s Dad was one of their victims). We are all guilty in this event, guilty of an ignorance propagated by our churches , our schools and governments, who all hoped they could delay details coming to light, before they jumped in to “make it right”, once they did. First Nations history should be taught in every grade using materials provided by First Nations and if possible, taught by persons of First Nation descent. It is time to end the fact that history is typically written by the victors. We need real change and we all need to be partners in Canada. Allan

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Wonderfully said Allan, thank you. my heart just hurts so much for these families. I also learned that this happened in other parts of the world besides the U.S and Canada, which I am embarrassed to admit that I was unaware of before. We certainly do nee a real change…fast. And we need to stand together more and show genuine and selfless love and support.

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