It’s A Grey Thing

On my 27th birthday I found my first grey hair. My hair was long (almost to my butt) at the time, which is usually how long I have it. This hair was white as snow and it was the full length! How did it sneak in there without me seeing it? I thought it was beautiful. I had a Great Aunt Winnie who had the most beautiful white hair and I remember wishing that my hair will one day be that gorgeous and white. I plucked that beautiful long white hair out of my head and…

(okay, don’t judge here. I was only 27, we all do silly things when we’re young)

Laugh all you want to, but I put that baby in my jewelry box and I probably still have it in there. Since that day I have noticed a few here and there but none as white and as long as that first.

This brings us to last week. As I was getting myself ready for work in the morning and thinking about how short and precious our lives here on Earth are, I noticed something in my hair. Turns out the “something” was some more grey hair. Many actually (and by many I mean about 5). They were scattered about here and there and most were just short little fly-aways. I grimaced at my reflection with disappointment because the color wasn’t quite right. And then a quick shimmer of silver caught my attention. Just behind my ear on the left side. There it was. A long white/silver hair LOL. I left it alone this time.

I left it alone because regardless of what others think grey hair means, to me it means beauty and grace and I am at the point in my life where I look at my imperfections as gold stars and accept them with love.

Because I am enough.

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We are half-way to the weekend and there’s only gorgeous weather ahead in the forecast. I’m looking forward to heading to the lake at the end of the month to soak up some sun and listen to the waves.


13 replies on “It’s A Grey Thing”

I haven’t colored my hair since I was probably 16 or 17 lol. I bought a box of bright red and I was going to go bold after I got all my hair cut off but I chickened out. I think I’m going to enjoy the natural changing of color 🙂

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Cool. My daughter is always dying her hair different colors – which works because she’s so adorably cute.

I have never tried coloring anything other than the basic brown of my hair. My attempt at clinging to agelessness, but alas, I am old and have to accept this fact. I have aged. 😀 haha

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