creative writing poetry

Passing Time

Hand in hand

we walk the beach

past boats and docks, counting the waves and rocks.

Hand in hand

we watch the sky.

The sunset starts,

the colors hug our hearts.

Hand in hand

the seasons pass

year after year,

watching wrinkles appear.

Year after year,

the seasons pass

hand in hand.

The colors hug our hearts,

the sunset starts.

We watch the sky

hand in hand.

Counting the waves and rocks

past boats and docks.

We walk the beach

hand in hand.

I’m so relieved that nicer weather and longer days are finally upon us! I think this winter since January has really dragged on. The fact that we couldn’t go visit anyone, no play dates for the kids…just being at home has slowed the cold winter months. Don’t get me wrong! I love not having to go out and see people but I also love getting out for short little breaks with friends.

Hope you had a great week!


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