Kittens, Frogs, and a little bit of Nature

I have so many pictures on my phone that I had every intention of sharing here on different posts and I legit just never get around to it! So with all intentions put up on a shelf for now, I’m just going to share all these pics at one time 🙂 Enjoy!

Our cat got her back leg cut open (I think from a jump gone wrong on our fence) and stiches and the vet bill were out of the question. So we fixed her up ourselves and she was such a great little patient. At least I know how much she trusts us now 🙂 She had her babies a couple of weeks ago now and they are growing so fast. The kids love kitty-sitting while mama goes out. They started off in my room and then I must have been interrupting too much because she decided that moving them to the boys room was a much better parenting decision LOL. Sure says a lot for what she thought of me 😉 No names yet but we will hopefully agree on some soon.

Jeremiah was (in this case not) a bullfrog
The simple “bear” necessities in life

The next storm pictures are from the Mervin area but I didn’t take them. My cousin took them and I stole them 🙂 But sssshhhh! Don’t tell her!

And I just have to throw in a few more from around Saskatchewan during the last week or so. We live in such an amazing province and it really is the Land Of The Living Skies. I feel very fortunate to call Saskatchewan my home.

Not my picture, this was more southern SK
Humbolt, SK
Turtleford, SK
Near Edam, SK

My husband works maintenance for the R.M. and one of the many jobs he has is ensuring the culverts are open so they can flow properly. I found this picture pretty cool in the fact that animals can always find a way or a place to make a home. These guys are no exception. They should really put a sign up though because the shock of having them all fly out at you at the same time and the noise they make inside a long culvert is quite astonishing LOL

Other than all this fun 😉 I have just been in survival mode…just trying to get through one day and then the next. Many family members have passed on in the last 2 months and I hope this most recent funeral will be the last for a while! Out of it came a beautiful opportunity for all of us cousins to share some much missed and needed time together. Yes, family. Why does it have to be so darned difficult at times? Love, patience will conquer all if we can sprinkle a good amount of forgiveness and laughter in there as well.

Hope you’re having a fantastic week and staying cool! We’ve been hit with another shot of heat here. I don’t like the hot (or the cold) lol.


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Doors Are Frozen Shut

It’s -37 and with the windchill it feels like -48

I had some time this morning while we were waiting to see if the school bus was going to come so I thought I would look up some fun facts for the kids. Pass the time in a positive way so they might stop arguing who was going to hug the cat first…Mornings are always interesting during the busy and slightly crazy time between 6:30 and 8:10 am. I thought it might be fun to see how cold it was at the North Pole. North Pole, Alaska was sitting at -17 with light snow at about 8 this morning (that’s beach weather LOL). North Pole, North Pole was looking at -26 with a light breeze. South Pole said they had a beautiful sunny -28.

Saturday January 11 just outside of North Battleford, Saskatchewan

What do we do to pass the time and stay warm when the doors are frozen and the windows have ice build up on the inside? We drink coffee, hot chocolate, color, read great books like The Hardy Boys, and bake cookies and muffins 😀 We stayed inside and did our best to remain entertained and happy, which is not easy for the young OR the old some days!

My husband went to town (about 10 minutes away) because the oil needed to be changed, I think he just needed some quiet lol! I granted him permission for a hall pass under the condition he send me a picture of the ice fog that had developed. I could see it down our street and across the highway and I was just itching to see what it looked like over the low farmlands on the way to town. Those pictures I will never get…But he did send me one of the sun shining through as the fog was beginning to lift and another of some trees. The attempt was nice and I appreciate it, not what I wanted but still beautiful.

Tomorrow morning we are expecting -51 with the wind chill which is -60 Fahrenheit for my friends not here in Canada

I’m so thankful for the heat we have to stay warm! We have ice forming on the inside of our windows and the doors and I really can’t express just how much I’m looking forward to Spring!

Enjoy your day and stay safe and warm if it pertains to where you are 😀



Why Do I Live Somewhere Where The Air Hurts My Face

I woke up this morning and checked the weather (something I always do so I know what to send the kids to school in) and my jaw hit the floor!

I live in Canada.It’s February. It’s cold. This is normal and since I’m not a young chicken anymore, I KNOW this! When I saw the temperature though I couldn’t even believe it. We were sitting at -48 degrees (-54.4 Fahrenheit) and with the wind chill it was -53 (-63.4 F). I mean, it literally hurts to breathe! It’s now 4.5 hours later (almost lunch) and I am sitting in front of my window enjoying the warmth from a beautiful sunbeam and the temperature is sitting at -36 haha! It almost feels like summer out there!

Yesterday the only bus out this way that was running was the one my kids take. Today there were no buses running. So now I know how cold it has to get for our 70 year old bus driver to stay at home and for this little neck of the woods to shut down 😀

So What’s For Lunch?

I figured I would make some delicious waffles for lunch with some home made syrup. It’s to cold to go tap my trees (I’m just kidding! I can’t really tap trees here 😉 I wish I could though!) Every time I attempted waffles in my earlier mom years, they would be 3 inches thick and running out of the waffle maker! It was frustrating and now looking back on it, a little bit funny! I’ve got under control now haha

For supper I’m making home made Chicken Pot Pie. The kids love it! I’ll be making two today because the last couple time I made it I realized that with a nine year old boy who’s growing I need to make more food! This guy eats so much!

I better run and get these waffles going before my kids tear each other apart 😀 Hope you all have a great day and that you’re warmer than all of us!