Busy Busy Busy

We’ve been busy the last little while with all sorts of stuff lol. My daughter has been making bracelets to sell and we’ve been doing more baking raising a little money to help out the local food bank. Shes a craft loving girl. She enjoys making dolls, cat houses, barbie clothes, drawing, etc.

This is my 8 year old daughter Karina. She’s an old soul with a heart of gold and she spreads kindness to all around her (except her brothers :D). She’s also got one heck of a teenage attitude already and the two of us butt heads a lot but I’m trying to pick my battles carefully. I remember the moment when I heard my mother laugh echo through my head (as clear as if she were right next to me) when I remembered her say to me that she hopes one day I’ll have a daughter just like me.

I thought I would maybe introduce my family a little more. Part of my goal of opening up and being more vulnerable.

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Apple Crisp And Garden Talk

My kids go crazy for apple crisp, I personally like rhubarb crisp. It’s such a simple dessert to make and super easy for the kids to jump in and help out as well. I made this one for a friend who helped me out tremendously in the month of September. I had been trying to raise money for the kids’ dance lessons and this friend ordered NINE meals! LOL! I was grateful and extremely busy!

I sometimes forget that there are people out there that really do care and that are willing to help out. Asking for help is another story entirely :/ Something I’m not great with anymore but also something I have been working on. I think it’s hard to ask because no one seems to want to take time to have coffee or go to the park and visit while the kids play, or just anything!! So why then would one ask those same people for help. Whether it’s needing a hand with some kind of yard work (which I need to find an old enough kid from close by to pay but they don’t want to do anything that might make them sweat) or if your kids are needing money for something they enjoy doing like dance.

Since the weather is getting cooler by the day (sometimes by the hour!) I actually enjoy all the yummy smells from all the baking. My freezer is slowly getting filled again from the garden harvest and what others have passed on to us. Zucchini, carrots, apples, rhubarb, peas, beans, and pumpkin. I just finished grating and packaging the zucchini today, I have two pumpkins left but they will have to wait a bit. I have tons of lettuce in my fridge too but I doubt that I should attempt to freeze that. The problem with having no Mom or Grandma around is that I now need to depend on google to teach me these things, which is a pretty big gamble when you’re working with your own food that needs to help get you through winter. I’m going to attempt to pickle carrots this year…should be interesting haha. My Grandma shared her fridge pickle recipe with me before she passed and I am going to make those again (been a few years since we haven’t had much luck with the garden cucumbers).

Hope you’re having a good week and the day is treating you well 🙂