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Strawberry Moon

It was the last chance to see a supermoon this year, or so I’ve read 😉 Actually, whether or not this month’s Moon is a supermoon depends on which definition of “supermoon” you choose to follow! According to EarthSky , viewers will see this large golden moon for 2-3 nights. Sorry, it’s not actually strawberry colored.

Definitions of a super moon can vary, but the term generally means a full moon which is closer to the Earth and thus appearing larger and brighter. the strawberry moon on June 24 and 25 isn’t as close to the earth as the full moon in May or April.

So why is it called the strawberry moon if it’s not strawberry colored???

June’s full moon is often referred to as the strawberry moon because it often falls during the strawberry harvesting season in the northwestern U.S. Similarly, it has also been called the rose moon because it occurs around the time the roses bloom.

Other names that this month’s full name may go by are Flower Moon, Hot Moon, Planting Moon, Mead Moon and even Honey Moon. June is traditionally the month of marriages, and it is even named after the Roman goddess of marriage, Juno. Following marriage comes the “honeymoon,” of course and this reason may be tied to this alternative Moon name!

I realize this isn’t my normal type of post but… I am a moon child. My zodiac is Cancer, born in June and I found it fitting 😀

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! We’re in for a warm stretch ahead of us here.


4 replies on “Strawberry Moon”

Lol, yes that is what brought on the howling 😀
I try to keep track of the full moons because my kids get horribly crazy for about 7-8 days around the full moons, even worse during the supermoons. This month I wasn’t paying attention and it snuck up on me. I realized when I, too, began to howl LOL


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