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Time To Clean Up

Probably should have put that bike away when we heard the snow was coming

Snow. It’s magical when it starts and for me it stirs up many wonderful and unforgettable memories. Then you see there’s about 2 inches and you think, okay I think that’s probably good now, thanks! When it continues with more snow and you can hear the wind howling outside your windows… well then you have to wonder how much longer it’s going to last. Wake up the next day to see it hasn’t really changed? Yikes.

While we got hit pretty good where I live, many places saw much more snow and wind and damage! Trees were taken down by the weight of the snow plus the wind. Cars literally buried in it. Saskatoon had good samaritans out on their ski-doos pulling/pushing people who were stuck.

8th Street in Saskatoon
Borden Bridge
Fire Exit door at the store I work at in North Battleford

The kids still insisted on going out sledding here in the village we live and I thought they were crazy but as a mom with 3 fighting kids and their friends still showing up at the door I had no choice but to help them gather their things and call out the door after them “Have fun! Don’t throw snow at faces or houses! And Ryan, NO SWEARING!”

When they weren’t outside or fighting we built a working engine, made bread, and watched some movies together. I don’t regret calling work to say I wasn’t going OR the dishes that didn’t get done. We enjoyed our weekend together (at least I did anyway).

I spoke to a friend in Ontario yesterday and my Uncle in Quebec this morning and both have beautiful +20 weather and the sun was shining! Wherever you are while reading this and whatever the weather, I hope you had a great weekend!


By Angie

Hi! First off, thanks for popping in! I started this blog for a number of reasons and if you look through the posts you will see all sorts of randomness. I'm a mom of 3 living in a small village in Saskatchewan. We are a household that is on the go a lot with the nearest city an hour away. We love reading, going for walks, playing at as many parks as we can find and just hanging out.
I struggle with anxiety, depression, & ptsd but strive to find the positive in the every day ordinary moments and thank the good Lord for all the blessings I have :)
My Mental Health journey has recently reminded me of my love for all kinds of art, writing poetry being the first to reintroduce myself to. It's hard to open up and let those feelings flow after being buried so deep for so long.
I have a little bit of everything here so I won't take it personally if you don't like or connect to everything I write, but I do really appreciate you being here and sharing in this journey of me re-discovering my true self through words and thoughts that don't always make sense to anyone but myself :D

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The snow is beautiful, but it’s not always cold ๐Ÿ˜‰ Our winters only last from October to March (ish), the Spring goes until mid-June when it finally starts to warm up. I often wonder why so many people moved to the Canadian prairies all those years ago lol. Visiting would be better in December because it only gets colder in January and February ๐Ÿ˜€ I like to be warm…I clearly live in the wrong part of the world


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