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(Re-Blog)Only If I Could! – A Poem (Part – 1)

Originally posted on Rtistic:
Drawn and edited by me. This time I’ve chosen to write a poetry about a very sensitive and serious issue, that is ‘RAPE’. I know it’s quite a long one, but I’ve written it with all my emotions, portraying myself as a clock hanging on the wall and narrating the story…

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October 15,2020

My Mom would have celebrated her 60th birthday just a few days ago. I celebrated for her. I had to work that day and it was a hard day. I made it through and got home to have supper with my dad for Thanksgiving. I hope he enjoys that the kids love having him around […]

Life mental health poetry

I’ve Been Stressing Again

Thanksgiving. Christmas. Family, lack of it. Oy! Haven’t seen some of my family since last Christmas and that’s a really long time. I’m nervous about the upcoming holidays. Anxious actually. The thing about anxiety is that I don’t believe it ever actually goes away. It’s always there lurking like a silent shadow creeping along beside […]

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Goblins On The Mind

Drink! Screams the goblin While he sits high in the tree and the river roars I’m really not sure why this scene popped in my mind and I don’t know who’s he’s screaming at. But when the thought screamed, I wrote it down. Perhaps I should re-visit this scene later and see if I can […]

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Your touch cools my skin, Your scent warms my soul. The sound of your laugh so soothing, The whisper of your voice so calming. Your arrival always welcomed, Your presence always refreshing.