Asking for help is never easy, Accepting help is even harder

This journey is hard, mentally draining and yet so rewarding 💋💕 Through the entirety of it I have been dumped by many friends and family, I have also dumped a few along the way. That’s probably the hardest part. Making that break from those you have loved your entire life knowing that it’s for the best.
The few I have left in my life I hold dear to my heart and they warm my soul ❤️ You all mean so much to me and for those who have been beside me through this entire fight— There are no words that could ever describe how much I appreciate, love and respect you!

One year ago as I fought to get myself out of bed every day, clawed my way through each agonizing moment of reliving the worst moments of my life and still having to be the best mother, wife and friend I could manage…I really didn’t know how I would manage to come out of it. Of course I’m still not all the way better and maybe never will be, but the progress is astonishing and I have learned so much about myself along the way.

Through all my work on myself I’ve also learned how to show myself validation 🙂 I mean, it’s still a work in progress 😉 But I’m slowly getting my life back on track and I’m excited to grow even more so I can raise my kids to know what the unconditional love from their parent can feel like 💕

Hope you have a beautiful day!