Family drive

The whole family went to the city yesterday and these days are almost always pretty stressful 😂. Packed up all three kids before 9 am (2 of them are sick and have bronchitis so they needed to go to the doctor). Hit the road with more than enough books and toys to keep them occupied but since I was going to work for 7 hours this meant they needed to STAY OCCUPIED for 9.5 hours of the day!

It’s a terrible thing when the Mama attitude needs to come out while at work 🤣

My husband was such a trooper though keeping them busy for the day. They went to Burger King (a real treat for our kids), had their meals, played on the equipment, used up some energy.

When I was done work we took a little drive down to the new Saskatchewan Hospital they’re almost done building. It’s quite the building. Gigantic in comparison to the original but not nearly as beautiful and definitely lacking the character. The road runs along the North Saskatchewan River and it’s an amazing place to take walks and spend time in nature but since it was so cold we opted for the drive 😊 I love going out for family drives. We live in a rural area and we drive the back roads a lot just to get out of the house sometimes.

Yesterday by the river my oldest spotted a porcupine up in a tree. He wasn’t surprised in the least and said very matter of factory “Maybe we could check out the bridge after but you should watch out for falling porcupines going through these trees.” I laughed so hard 🤣

The kids had a blast and I can’t wait till they’re feeling better and the weather is a bit warmer so we can go exploring at the bridges 😃

Have a blessed day,



Asking for help is never easy, Accepting help is even harder

This journey is hard, mentally draining and yet so rewarding 💋💕 Through the entirety of it I have been dumped by many friends and family, I have also dumped a few along the way. That’s probably the hardest part. Making that break from those you have loved your entire life knowing that it’s for the best.
The few I have left in my life I hold dear to my heart and they warm my soul ❤️ You all mean so much to me and for those who have been beside me through this entire fight— There are no words that could ever describe how much I appreciate, love and respect you!

One year ago as I fought to get myself out of bed every day, clawed my way through each agonizing moment of reliving the worst moments of my life and still having to be the best mother, wife and friend I could manage…I really didn’t know how I would manage to come out of it. Of course I’m still not all the way better and maybe never will be, but the progress is astonishing and I have learned so much about myself along the way.

Through all my work on myself I’ve also learned how to show myself validation 🙂 I mean, it’s still a work in progress 😉 But I’m slowly getting my life back on track and I’m excited to grow even more so I can raise my kids to know what the unconditional love from their parent can feel like 💕

Hope you have a beautiful day!


I’ve called a lock down

The week of Valentine’s Day, huge plans, lots to do…and the entire house gets sick!!

It started off with my oldest son’s birthday party. He wanted to go to the swimming pool (which I don’t like because of so many gross reasons 🤢) which is an hour drive away. We went, had a great time made it all the way home and woke up Sunday morning to sick middle child. She missed 3 days of school this week. My youngest was next, starting Monday, and he stayed down for 2 days. My oldest got it Thursday morning but still went to school and ended up missing half of Friday.

Fevers of 38.4 and up, eye infections, ear infection, flus and chest colds going back and forth in a household of 5! Yuck. So needless to say all of our valentines stuff was put on hold but none of us has had the energy to miss it.

There’s no school all next week so we should be able to get over this hump and move into the next project 😊

So this is a short little check in and now I must go back to lying down so I can get enough rest to make it through the next 3 days of work.

Hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day!



Why Do I Live Somewhere Where The Air Hurts My Face

I woke up this morning and checked the weather (something I always do so I know what to send the kids to school in) and my jaw hit the floor!

I live in Canada.It’s February. It’s cold. This is normal and since I’m not a young chicken anymore, I KNOW this! When I saw the temperature though I couldn’t even believe it. We were sitting at -48 degrees (-54.4 Fahrenheit) and with the wind chill it was -53 (-63.4 F). I mean, it literally hurts to breathe! It’s now 4.5 hours later (almost lunch) and I am sitting in front of my window enjoying the warmth from a beautiful sunbeam and the temperature is sitting at -36 haha! It almost feels like summer out there!

Yesterday the only bus out this way that was running was the one my kids take. Today there were no buses running. So now I know how cold it has to get for our 70 year old bus driver to stay at home and for this little neck of the woods to shut down 😀

So What’s For Lunch?

I figured I would make some delicious waffles for lunch with some home made syrup. It’s to cold to go tap my trees (I’m just kidding! I can’t really tap trees here 😉 I wish I could though!) Every time I attempted waffles in my earlier mom years, they would be 3 inches thick and running out of the waffle maker! It was frustrating and now looking back on it, a little bit funny! I’ve got under control now haha

For supper I’m making home made Chicken Pot Pie. The kids love it! I’ll be making two today because the last couple time I made it I realized that with a nine year old boy who’s growing I need to make more food! This guy eats so much!

I better run and get these waffles going before my kids tear each other apart 😀 Hope you all have a great day and that you’re warmer than all of us!



Simple Self-Care Tips And Tricks

Over the past 18 months or so I have been on a self healing journey. Part of this journey involved learning about self care and learning to love myself. I had no experience in self care prior to this and so I really had no idea where to start and how to make time for myself in my busy life.

This seems to be a common opportunity among many of us. I wanted to share with you the small things that I started with.  Before I began I needed to FIND THE TIME I so desperately needed for myself. My first stop was at Micheal’s and my first purchase was a Happy Planner. Once I managed to figure out a good system for me I moved on to my next step. 

I tend to lose my focus quite easily so I found if I wrote down a few things each day that were my priorities, then when I found myself wandering and lost in some other activity or just staring out the window, I could go back to my planner and REFOCUS!

I realized I needed to schedule myself into my daily to-do’s otherwise I was just always too busy to take a few minutes to sit down or even just breathe. The first thing I scheduled in was a bubble bath night. As soon as I got the kids to bed and settled (so I was sure they wouldn’t get out of bed and disturb me 300 times while I was in the bath) I would run the water, add the bubbles, grab a drink and a book or my phone to dive into my Facebook.

I’ve always had a fairly good night time skin care routine but I decided to spoil myself and get some Arbonne which I highly recommend.  Check out the Energy Fizz Sticks as well, better than coffee 😉 Another important part of a good night-time routine would be moisturizing the feet. Our feet are extremely important and yet probably the most neglected. 

Positive self talk. Gratitude. Boundaries. These are a few things that may also need to looked at. I have a really hard time with the positive self talk (always have) and I found that leaving myself little sticky notes throughout the house helped tons! I wrote little reminders to myself like: You are an amazing mom! You are enough! Set your limits, Stick to your limits, etc. Sounds silly, I know but you would be surprised how much it can help raise your vibrancy to read that every day. I had them in my medicine cabinet, inside the cupboard door with my coffee cup, by my bed and even in my car. 

-Gratitude is my easiest out of these 3. Since it’s the easiest, its also the one I turn to in a pinch because I can think of 3-5 things I’m grateful for each and everyday. I write these down along with one thing I found through the day or week that I feel I need to work on (not in a negative way!) An example of this would be: Today I realized I need to work on ending phone conversations after a short time instead of being on the phone for 2 hours. This is a boundary goal.

-Boundaries are a new concept to me. Something I never had before. This is a hard one personally. Something I’m continuing to work on daily. Basically I had to gain some self-confidence first before attempting this area. It is definitely becoming easier as I gain my confidence with every new boundary made and respected. 

Meditation may not be for you, I know I certainly didn’t “get it” and so every attempt was a failure. I never understood what I was supposed to be DOING while doing nothing! Someone finally explained very simply that you concentrate on your breath. Wait, what? Really? That’s it? And then I realized that it really wasn’t that easy. Since my thoughts jump around so quickly this “focusing on the breath” thing proved to be pretty difficult. I find it much easier with a free app called Calm. I use rain sounds or thunderstorm sounds for 2-5 minutes depending on how much time I have.

One last thing I’d like to mention is about compliments. Write down any compliments you receive and keep them all in the same place. Maybe write each one on a different piece of paper and stick them on a cork board. Or on a dry erase board. Make it pretty, make it creative, make it all about YOU! You deserve it.