The Guest Book


Charles and Grace wanted a quiet staycation honeymoon, but when their train terminates early due to a storm up ahead, they wonder if they made the wrong decision. Forced to take shelter in the nearest seaside town, Saltwater, they discover that there is only one guesthouse left. Unlike the rest of Saltwater, The Anchorage is entirely deserted.

That night, with the storm howling relentlessly, Grace is woken up by a child crying. She is haunted by the sound, until Charles convinces her it was only her imagination. But then she finds a warning scrawled in the guest book: Leave now. Do not trust them.

As the storm rages on, phone lines are down, transport links cut off. Grace is desperate to leave, but Charles remains unaffected by the eerie stillness of the house. Is it just Grace’s imagination or do the owners, and Charles, have something to hide?

Just when I thought I knew the secret…The ending surprised me! This old house was definitely creepy with it’s dolls and defaced photos stirring my imagination. I couldn’t quite figure out the answers to all my questions before the story took another twist though. This was a great book and I recommend it anyone who likes a quick thriller that can take you away from reality for a short time!


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