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Coffee Break Poetry

I found this hiding in my many posts and poems that I have began and not finished. I would love to add to it but in the last week, while looking at it for inspiration I just can’t get back to where I was at the time. I know that when I wrote it, it was meant to end where it is and so I will accept that it’s just not meant for me to add to 🙂

To Live Again

There are so many memories I don’t ever want to forget.

Feelings that I, dare I say, crave to feel again.

Those nights with our laughter ringing through the fields,

Drinking in the music, dancing under the stars.

I long to stay wrapped in those moments,

Wrapped up in their warmth, longing for their comfort.

Like sitting by the fire, warmed by a shawl and a hot cup of cocoa.

I long for the freedom, the love, the familiarity.

This life without you is dull and grey.

I want to smile for real.

I want to live again!

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