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Coffee Break Poetry

Smell of the fresh air

Pretty flowers popping up everywhere

Rain boots, rainbows, robins and rain

Irises in beautiful blue and purple hues

Noticing the newness of life

Giggles and gardening and geese

These are a few of my favorite Spring things 🙂 What’s something you think of when you think of Spring? Hope you’re having a beautiful week and staying safe!

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A good time to take stock of our favourite things Angie. Spring brings renewal and hopefully renewal of the spirit. I think of warm breezes, soft raindrops (I wish), a burst of green and the sound of children’s laughter. Stay well and have a great weekend. Allan

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The storms 🙂 I’m most excited for the storms! Living in the prairies I can see them coming for miles but I sometimes wish I lived somewhere where they were much more intense 😉 I’m the crazy that goes running out to stand under the funnel to see exactly how fast that cloud is spinning and how dark the center is LOL
Thank Val 🙂

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LOL standing under the funnel. It’s like that movie, Twister. 😀

Oh yes, seeing the storms in the distance. That was the first thing I truly loved when I moved to the flatter state of Texas.

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