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Coffee Break Poetry

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Ever feel at a loss when it comes to giving your blog post a title? πŸ˜€ Today is one of those days. Honestly I’ve been skipping those all important “coffee breaks” lately because there really just isn’t enough time. I usually manage to get about 10 minutes of sit down quiet time in the morning where I read through some scripture, trying to strengthen my connection to God again because it feels like the busier I get I need to choose whether I look after myself or the family. These days I also feel like I’m fighting a losing battle in all areas. I may be on the brink of depression again (which usually happens around this time) so I’m choosing to “ignore” those thoughts and just accept what is and move forward, it takes so much energy to ignore and pretend but it’s what has to be done right now. There’s a lot going on for many people. I just hope that we can all find a way to get through whether the worries and burdens are pandemic related or not.

Aaaaaannnd I managed to get side tracked again…I don’t bother deleting because this is who I am lol. If we were to talk in real life you might have a hard time following. My bio dad said to me once that I might always be talking but I don’t really have much to say.

I generally sit with my daughter while she does school and we work at it together. For the past while she’s been doing poetry; longer than it should be but she really hates anything to do with writing so it’s been a struggle for sure! The one she enjoyed the most so far is the Bio poem. I found that we both needed encouragement from the other while doing this one though. I also realize that I still seem to struggle with recognizing feelings other than happy, sad, angry. So during our poetry time today I wrote while she wrote. We sat there together writing poetry while she drank hot chocolate and I drank my coffee and Ryan chased after the cat. It was complete chaos in the background honestly lol.

Here’s my masterpiece πŸ˜€

Funny, helpful, caring
Mother to Brody, Karina and Ryan
Who loves nature, photography, my kids, coffee and music
Who has felt love, acceptance, heartache and anger
Who fears loss, abandonment and world hatred
Who discovered her own beautiful imperfections & learned boundaries
Who wants to see a world full of true love without racism and hate
Born, raised and resides in Saskatchewan

As silly as it sounds, I’m actually looking forward to working with this one again. My daughter helped me write mine as I did hers so I think a fun little “experiment”, if you will, would be to have each of the kids do a bit of an interview with the others and they could write one for each other. I loved the look on Karina’s face as I named adjectives that described her. I compliment them all the time but this must have felt much different for her.

Anyway, I’m expecting company in about 5 minutes and there’s a spilled bowl of macaroni in the living room that should probably tend to before that knock on the door πŸ™‚

Hope you all have a wonderful day!


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“I might always be talking but I don’t really have much to say.”

I find that above statement unbelievable. You always have something to say when you write. πŸ˜‰ I hope your holiday’s are going well, Ang. Take care of yourself. πŸ™‚

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I’ve always loved learning but I dropped out of school multiple times and finally for good before I received my grade 10. I did graduate many years later but during that time in my life I just couldn’t handle it. So I’ve really enjoyed this special time πŸ™‚

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