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Sunset Over The Water

Scenic View of Ocean During Sunset
The gulls cry out with shrieks of sorrow.
The waves sound softly against the shore
As the sun sets across the water.
Feel the soft breeze whisper through your hair.

One thing I always miss about the beautiful summer nights is the sunsets. My favorite place to watch them is at the lake while sipping wine on the private beach.

My husband’s family has a cabin at Jackfish Lake which is part of Meota but just on the other side of that lake. It’s the one place I feel completely relaxed and in tune with myself. I feel this way anywhere in nature really but but the water is where I’m most content. I haven’t been in the water for longer than I can remember and my anxiety gets too high with just the thought of going in. I can’t imagine why.

While I’ve been working on healing past traumas and wounds, this realization kept nagging at me. I used to love the water. I would go swimming for hours and my mom would have to bribe me to get out of the lake. Swimming pools aren’t even close to being the same thing. My family would call me a fish or a mermaid since I spent so much time in the water. Somewhere along the way something happened to cause a fear of being in the water. Hopefully I can get past this fear and enjoy some more time in the water.

Have a wonderful and safe day my friends!


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We have lots of snow here πŸ™‚ We’ve even had our first prairie blizzard of the year with record breaking snowfall in many parts of the province. Nearly the whole province was told travel was not recommended and to stay home if possible.

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Beautiful post ❀ And I can totally relate to your feelings about water! I used to love it as a child but over the years, I became afraid of it… and well, lately it's been getting a lot better 'cause I've been forcing myself to spend more time on the seaside and to actually go into the water. But honestly, I still do not know whether I would be able to swim (I used to be) 'cause I haven't got that far yet!

oh and beautiful poem! ❀



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Thank you Mark, I appreciate your kind words. I think just being able to let yourself get comfortable with being with the water (even if you don’t go in right away) one day you will again have the courage to take that step. Last summer I allowed myself to walk in almost knee deep and it felt so refreshing! I hope you will keep pushing forward πŸ™‚

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Fears. I don’t know why my anxiety and agoraphobia has been getting worse, either. It just keeps being a pest, as I age. Do you think the more you know the more you fear? Perhaps youth and stupidity keeps us away from fear. And then we see results of life and loss, and that’s why our anxiety grows. We know too much.

Good and thoughtful post, as always. I hope you start feeling better and have a good holiday, Ang. πŸ™‚

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