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Banana Cream Pie

I got as far as mixing the yolks and cornstarch and had the rest on the burner when my anxiety almost got the best of me. I had just turned the burner on to heat the milk and cream mixture and I started to worry that I would mess up. Money would be wasted, time wasted, dish soap, water, power, energy, etc. The list continued. I don’t know why I let this happen to myself, I know the signs and I usually take precautions in the beginning to avoid those triggers. Yet here I stood, actually I was pacing, trying to quiet my mind in the midst of trying something new. Oh, it was quite the day. And while I’m at it I’m just going to go ahead and let you know that I have never actually baked an empty pie shell before. So I ended up doing two because of those perfectionist qualities I have 😉 I won’t tell you I have extra in the fridge just in case the second one didn’t satisfy me either. I then had to empty and re-organize my fridge because I had two pies to accommodate rather than just the one. We had one for desert and I have to also admit that I have never tried a real homemade banana cream pie before, only the store bought which I don’t care for. My Grandma always said homemade is better and she was right (as usual). This turned out amazingly delicious and you couldn’t even tell I messed up and over baked the crust haha!

I want to thank Day Lillie for this amazing recipe which you can find here and for making it look so easy (which it really was). I added another item to my baking list and the boost in confidence to go along with it. Thanks!

Just a quick word though…When mixing the eggs yolks with the cornstarch, please whisk lightly LOL! Also, remember to poke your pie shell with a fork multiple times before baking or it will lift and just be a flat crust with nowhere to put the filling. Be sure to check on your crust once in awhile. Don’t just pop it in the oven and go fold laundry in the other room because sometimes things don’t turn out the way you expect.

I hope you all had a great weekend!


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