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The Extreme Cold Warning Has Been Lifted!

Dwarf Gnome on Snow

Canadian Winter In A Nutshell


It’s cold.

The air hurts my face.

My car won’t start.

The end.

I wasn’t feeling too creative but in light of all the houses that have been froze up here and pipes that have been broken and cars not starting, I also thought it was a good summary of it all. It’s beginning to look a bit warmer in the forecast finally.


9 replies on “The Extreme Cold Warning Has Been Lifted!”

Our back door is still frozen as well. We bought a heat gun so we could thaw the windows and get rid of ice build up so we took care of our main door at the same time so we could at least get out if there was an emergency of any sort.
It’s going to get better! Nicer weather is coming 😀


The plus side is that this weather forces us to take a break. I was able to do a puzzle the other day with my daughter 🙂 Something my grandma and I used to do together. The bad cold stretch is nearly done, hang in there!!

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Oh goodness!! It was in our old house and it was the pipes upstairs (poor insulation) so when they burst the water poured down through the kitchen fan and along the ceiling, down the back of the fridge, all over the stove. Gigantic mess lol! Haven’t had to worry about that in our present house (knock on wood). If you made it through this cold stretch then I think you’re safe!

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